What are organic and inorganic acids?

Organic Acids
Inorganic Acids
1. Organic acids are natural acids and are biological in origin. 
1. Inorganic acids are man made acids and are non biological in origin. 
2. Organic acids are carbon containing acids.
2. Most of the inorganic acids do not contain carbon atoms.
3. Dissolve poorly in water.
3. Dissolves in water.
4. Organic acids are weak acids, and edible. 
4. Inorganic acids are strong acids, and non edible. 
5. Organic acids are balanced and are mostly non corrosive. 
5. Inorganic acids are highly corrosive. 
6. Ex: Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid. 
Ex: H2SO4 , H3PO4 , HNO3 

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