Best books for JEE mains

A deep study on any subject needs a very good hold on basics. NCERT textbooks are the best-recommended source for that.
But only NCERT can not serve the purpose of scoring high in JEE. It must be accompanied with reference books (theory or concept building) and practice books.
So, for better scores in Chemistry-Mains, you need to follow 5-Step-preparation strategy.
Every year directly from NCERT, a number of question appear. Als, NCERT helps you build a strong bed for your prep.
Download NCERT-books for free -
After mastering NCERT,to build your concepts further, a few theory books are suggested below.
The books suggested here are tried and tested with many aspirants and they have helped the aspirants achieve outstanding scores.
Theory books for JEE-MAINS: 
Only learning concepts is not sufficient to clear mains, you need to learn to apply the concepts to solve objective questions in the given time.
Here are a few best practice books which have a proven track record.
Practice books for JEE-MAINS: 
After practicing ample of questions, it is necessary to test your selves.For being able to do this,Practice previous year papers and enroll in to Online Mock test series. 
This is the crucial step. By implementing the above 4 steps you would have learned, practiced and tested your selves. But you need to keep all of this in tact until you attend your exam. So KEEP REVISING with the help of revision notes. Make sure to get all your doubts cleared. 


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