How to study chemistry for JEE Mains?

IIT JEE mains is one of the toughest entrance exams in India. Around 10 to 15 lakhs of students register for this exam every year. 
In the Chemistry section, JEE asks mainly straightforward questions and the difficulty level is low. That makes it one of the highest-scoring subjects. On average, of the three subjects, Chemistry questions can be solved in less time. 
There are 32 chapters in chemistry (14 chapters of class 11 and 16 chapters of class 12) and 25 questions come from these 32 chapters. 
If prepared rightly, one can answer 20 questions correctly which is 80 marks ( each question carries 4 marks).  
To be able to score high in chemistry, you need to follow a dedicated study routine right from the beginning of your preparation. 
Routine for class 11 : 
The academic year for class 11 starts in June and the target is to finish 14 chapters by the end of DEC. The target is to finish all the 14 chapters by the end of DECEMBER. 
Number of chapters to finish14
Time available to finish 14 chapters6 months (starting from June)
Weeks available to finish 14 chapters33
No. of study days4
Days available to finish one chapter9.5 days

So, according to the stats shown above one chapter needs to be finished in 9.5 days (aprox10 days)

How many hours to study? Any time table? 
Remember it is not the number of hours you study but it is the number of concepts you cover per day. So, fix the number of pages or concepts you want to cover in a day. As suggested above it is important that you dedicate 2.5 hours on 4 days of the week for studying chemistry. And in these 10 hours, you need to target to run the whole cycle of 5 steps of preparation as suggested below. Initially you might find it hard to follow and finish a chapter in 10 hours but remember by attending the live classes with complete concentration and strictly following your study hours it eventually becomes easy. After all JEE is not so easy to clear, it takes hard work and dedication.     

Now the question is how to finish a chapter? 
Note that JEE includes, both class 11 and class 12 CBSE. So whatever is studied in class 11 needs to be memory till the end f class 12. This can happen only when you study the concepts from the basics and put them in the right practice. To achieve this, it is strongly suggested to follow 5-step preparation as shown below. 

Every year directly from NCERT, a number of questions appear in JEE mains. Also, NCERT helps you build a strong bed for your prep. So, this is your first step in prep. While studying NCERT make sure you make your own notes.
After mastering NCERT, to build your concepts further, a few theory books are to be refereed. But remember to stick to your syllabus while using reference books. Here is the list of books you can refer to - BEST BOOKS FOR JEE
The books suggested here are tried and tested with many JEE aspirants and they have helped them achieve outstanding scores.
Only learning concepts is not sufficient to clear mains, you need to learn to apply the concepts to solve objective questions in the given time. This plays an important role in scoring high as it also helps you master time management.
After practicing ample of questions, it is necessary to test your selves. For being able to do this, Practice previous year papers and enroll in the Online Mock test series. Remember to set a timer while taking a test and eventually target to solving one chemistry question in less than one minute. 
This is a crucial step. By implementing the above 4 steps you would have learned, practiced, and tested your selves. But you need to keep all of this intact until you attend your exam. So KEEP REVISING with the help of revision notes. Make sure to get all your doubts cleared. 
Run the cycle of these 5 steps for each of these 14 chapters of class 11.                                                 

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